Prescription Shop Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. How do I get a 90-day supply on my prescriptions?
    In order to fill a 90-day supply of your medications we have to have 2 things in place. The first is an order from your Doctor indicating that it is ok to fill for 90 days. The second is that your insurance will pay for a 90-day supply at a retail pharmacy. If both of those things in place we can certainly fill your prescription for three months. Keep in mind that some insurance companies will charge you three monthly copays in order to fill a 90 day supply.

  2. The tablets/capsules on my prescription look different than they usually do. Is that ok?
    It is normal for our wholesaler to send us generic medications from different manufacturers and that might be the reason for the difference in appearance. We try to place a green sticker on your bottle indicating that the tablet or capsule in your bottle might appear slightly different, but is the same medication. If you don’t see that sticker on your bottle or you are still uncertain, please call us. We will be happy to go back and verify that you have the right medication.

  3. How can I get a statement for my prescription expenses for tax purposes?
    Call the shop and let us know that you need a tax statement and we will be happy to print one for you. It’s fast and easy, and best of all there is no charge for you.

  4. When I called in my prescription the automated system indicated that it wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow or after you close. Is there any way to get my prescription today?
    Certainly! Simply call us and let us know that you need your medication today and we will make sure that you are taken care of. We don’t leave until we have finished all of our prescriptions for the day (even if it is after closing time).

  5. How can I transfer my prescriptions to Prescription Shop?
    There are several ways you can let us know that you want your prescriptions transferred here. The first is to simply bring your old bottles into us and we will call your old pharmacy to get the prescription info. The second is to go click on the “Transfer Prescription” link on our homepage. It will ask you for information from your old prescription so that we can get it transferred. Lastly, you can call us and let us know you would like us to transfer your prescription(s). We will get the necessary information from you and then get the transfers completed.

  6. My prescription shows that it has refills, but the automated system says that it cannot be filled. Why is that?
    There are a couple of possibilities that the system indicated that to you. The first possibility is that the prescription has expired. In that case, even though your bottle shows that you have refills, we are unable to fill them without a new order from your Doctor. It could also be that you have a new prescription on file that is not linked to your old one in our system. In either case, please give us a call and we will gladly troubleshoot the problem and work towards getting your prescription ready as (soon) as possible.

  7. I need a prescription filled, but it is after business hours. How can I do that?
    We do offer after hour’s service in emergency situations. If we are in town we are usually able to accommodate after hours prescriptions. Occasionally, we are out of pocket, however, and unable to help. You can call our main number and leave a message, or call (432)488-6303.



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